A double-layered, floor length dress inspired by the themes of heaven, dreams and light, the decade of the 1990s, and the designer Valentino. The inner layer is a polyester satin slip dress in oyster, and the outer is a silk chiffon, loose fitting dress in shilo.

Embroidered texts are recounts of dreams. 

Text on chest reads: we went through a gate down a small alley and her house was to the left under trees, a small bungalow and no one was allowed in the house, there were lots of dogs in the garden, all different types and I sat in the corner petting a whippet

Text on the left shoulder blade reads: we are driving through woods, there are little fires and sparks starting everywhere, as we go along it becomes barren land then we reach a gate, I get out and go beyond it and as I turn back I see a sign that says trespassers will be shot, I dreamwalk back to the car; as we get in I see a man get out of a van with a gun and as we slowly drive away I hear a gunshot